Technology Overtaking Technology (Rise Of Artificial Intelligence)

Technology Overtaking Technology

Time is changing rapidly. When we look at the age of information from a critical angle, we see that the machine swallowed the jobs of humans. Let us give you an example, look at that guy with a camera in a helicopter back in the 1980s, aiming to capture a better photograph from the top. A single drown camera ate his job. This new technology saves time, fuel, and money. Such is the case in different scenarios, and technology is gripping the world very quickly. Students now order professionals to provide best essay writing service UK online. 

On the other hand, many jobs have been created by technology. Look at that guy with a camera making travelogue and content of different tastes. Who used to pay him before YouTube and Facebook were invented? No one! But now, it has become a full-fledged business worldwide. Now let’s move this blog in the direction it was written for. What do you understand by the heading? “Technology Overtaking Technology.” 

The jobs created by technology will sooner or later vanish. Unbelievable? Let us clear you with another example. These content creators making dollars from social media websites, what do you think? Will they keep on earning money from their channels on social media websites? It seems easy, but the competition is getting tough here. There are many characters that do not even exist but are leading in the race of followers.

Kizuna Ai, the most popular streamer in Japan, is an anatomically exaggerated, perpetually adolescent girl in frilly thigh-high socks and a pink hair ribbon. She’s also an entirely virtual character, given life by the actions and voice of an invisible actress. As of 2020, she is the largest virtual YouTuber on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers across three channels as well as another 1 million subscribers on the Chinese streaming/video sharing platform bilibili.

We have influencers that do not even exist. Google Lil Miquela, in her two-plus years on Instagram, the selfie-snapping 19-year-old girl has racked up more than a million followers, partnered with Prada, and promoted causes like Black Lives Matter. It is an artificially intelligent robot, said Brud, a tech startup that has taken some credit for Miquela. Though earlier this year Miquela went rogue and cut ties “with my managers.” Now she calls herself a free agent.

Now meet the “world’s first digital supermodel,” Shudu is the creation of fashion photographer Cameron James Wilson. He built her using 3-D modeling software. Some critics have side-eyed Wilson, who’s white, for making a virtual black model. Couldn’t he pay a real black woman to pose for him? Critics raised the question. Wilson, in reply, said that he wants Shudu to inspire more diversity in the fashion industry. A robot, becoming an influencer and supermodel. The job of a good girl who can do modeling has been swallowed here by technology. There are many such cases where humans are creating more and more robots in the name of innovation. A lot of money is invested in space projects; meanwhile, people keep dying on earth due to poverty and hunger.

We have an entirely new generation of celebrities selling out concerts, starring in commercials, and grabbing huge Instagram followings. But none of them exists in reality. In recent years, technology and social media have laid a digital ground of computer-generated stars, ranging from fake musicians and models to company mascots appearing as holograms. They entertain you, they’re trying to convince you of their humankind, and even the more cartoonish among them have fleshed-out personalities. In a way, it’s the purest expression of celebrity, which has always been an elaborate illusion. CGI starlets, though, “are much easier to control,” says Ryan Detert, CEO of the branding firm Influential. Except when they misbehave.

Artificial intelligence is ruling the world. This is the time in which a robot is asking a human being, “Are you a robot?” Imagine a world full of robots, working for you in different household chores like doing dishes, cooking food, driving cars. Wait, robocars have already been introduced by tesla. All new Tesla cars come standard with Autopilot, which includes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer. You can purchase Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability at any time through your Tesla Account – and the Autopilot software required will be added to your car. It feels like someday the world will turn into a machine controlled by robots, just like we saw in Will Smith’s movie “I, Robot”. 

Wondering what next is technology going to bring? Well, it’s a mystery, and we can be anywhere any day. Who would have thought that one day man will land on the moon, today are about to land on Mars looking for life over there? Similarly, the means of traveling also kept changing and improving. The summary is that technology is the future and we must keep our sources of income secure and change them with time, flowing with the flow smartly can help.

Author’s Bio: 

The blog has been penned down by Mariam. The author is a tech expert and keeps an eagle’s eye on the happenings in the tech world.

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