Tips For Becoming An Avid Reader

Reading is an art, and not everyone is an artist. It is one of the best habits a student can keep. A single book can bring significant changes in your routine and life. Books have a unique essence. No matter how modern learning technologies become, readers can never be replaced. The problem with this generation is that they do not read. Reading is an input, and then the process takes place which results in the production of an intellectual mind. There are billions of people living on earth, but not everyone is the same. Not everyone is a reader. People who run away from books keep running their whole life. There are less peaceful moments in their life. 

Those who don’t read are usually weak at studies and have to ask academic writers to best essay writing service. “ However, some students want to read, but whenever they pull a book out of their bag, they start feeling sleepy. If you are also one of those who want to read but fail to do so, then make sure to read this blog till the end as we are sharing some tips that will help you in becoming an avid reader. 

  • Read What You Love 

Interest is very important. If you want to become a good reader, you must start reading what you love. Choose the topic of your interest. Do not fall for what the world is following. If the world is reading novels on love and you are interested in science, then you must read about science. If you don’t do that, you’re not going to enjoy reading about it. This is not a school or college; no one is going to take your exam once you complete the book. Then why would you care about what people love to read? Read what you love! 

Imagine your whole squad loves to read Harry Potter. That doesn’t mean you have to read that too. Maybe all your friends are into magic and tricks; they might love to read Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Young adult fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Bildungsroman. But if you are interested in something else, then you must read that, not Harry Potter.

Start your reading journey attractively by choosing the topic that appeals to you. Discover yourself! What do you love chatting about? What do you like to learn? What do you want to do with your life? What kind of people do you enjoy talking to? What topics do you never, ever get tired of? 

Jot down some topics you love, some areas you are interested in and then we are good to go on a book hunt. 

  • Let The Book Hunt Begin 

In the early days, there was no internet. You are lucky to be born in the age of information where everything is at your fingertips. In old times, people used to visit different stores and card catalogues at libraries. Now we have digital libraries. Let us provide you with some websites from where you can hunt your taste and get the book you are looking for. 

Here is the list of some great websites to find a book that you will love: start with an author or book you love, click the closest match from the list that pops up, and then this site will generate a list of books you’ll probably like based on your initial author/title.

GoodReads: This is social networking for readers. Join by using your Facebook credentials and then find friends and see what they’re reading, find mutual interest-based groups, search book lists, or join a discussion. The “Read Alikes” service here is similar to WhatShouldIReadNext, but other readers handpick the lists of similar books.WhichBook: Choose your book by mood or other fun factors, like Happy or Sad, Beautiful or Disgusting, Conventional or Unusual.

  • Read At Least 30-pages A Day

This is the rule you can apply while starting a new book. If you are not an avid reader, try to read at least 30 pages in one day and if it does not bothers you, then we are great! That’s your taste, go on with it. 

A reader can usually judge a book by its starting pages. Thirty pages is a good enough chunk to know whether this book is worth it or not. If you’re so into it at 30 pages that you don’t even notice you’ve passed the fiftieth page, well, awesome! Keep reading.

If you still found yourself struggling to stay interested, or to keep up with the vocabulary, or to relate to the characters, or understand the background of the story, or care about the information, give it a full 30 pages. If you still don’t catch any interest when you hit page 50, you’ve got a genuine case of “Not a Good Fit”. Now you can pass that book to someone else as you tried, but it’s not your taste. Move on to another book, confidently, but never quit reading. 

Reading is like watering your soul. Books are the greatest friends you will ever have. They neither complain nor demand. You might find it bothering when you start reading, but eventually, you will be happy with your decision of becoming an avid reader. 

 “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

– J.K. Rowling

Author’s Bio:

The blog has been written by Mariam. The author is a journalist and an avid reader. He has written many books on different topics. He completed his Ph.D. in political science back in 2000.

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